TUGPINS designs, engineers and produces towing pins shark jaws, stoppers

TUGPINS designs, engineers and produces towing pins, shark jaws, forks and towing hooks. We are committed to innovation. In our product design, finding new and better solutions for anchor handling and towing on tugboats, multipurpose vessels and fishing boats is key. With our products we aim to further improve deck safety, increase the uptime of our clients’ vessels and maximize the profitability of their operations.
We are a young and ambitious firm with passionate engineers and technicians – professionals who have definitely earned their stripes in this business and in the shipping sector in general. People who consistently work towards a single common goal: “To supply the best and nothing less.”

Dedicated to safety & the environment

As a specialist in the design and production of towing pins, shark jaws and stoppers, we know the industry, its requirements and the challenges it faces. We are therefore perfectly suited to come up with the best solutions.

The development of our Watertight Plus system is a good example of this. We found that one of the most common causes of the malfunctioning of towing pins and stoppers is the internal damage caused by corrosion from seawater. Our patented innovative Watertight Plus system prevents any seawater from entering the system, increasing the product’s reliability and lifespan and reducing maintenance time and costs. Moreover, the system uses biodegradable oil instead of traditional lubricants, making it a sustainable option on the market.

Fast & reliable service

At TUGPINS we understand that every minute your vessel or tug is not out at sea seriously affects the profitability of your business. That is why we supply spare parts off the shelf, which is an advantage feature in the towing and anchor handling equipment sector. On top of this, our expert technical support staff is standing by anytime to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

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