TUGPINS takes the design of towing pins to a whole new level.

Towing Pins

TUGPINS specializes in the engineering, design and production of bespoke towing pin systems. We are dedicated to reliability, safety and innovation, and with our patented Watertight Plus system we have taken the design of towing pins to a whole new level.

Towing pins or guide pins are designed to prevent cables and chains on deck during towing operations and anchor handling. When not in use, the towing pins can be hydraulically retracted flush to the deck to maximize workspace. Towing pins are a vital part of the deck equipment of tugboats, workboats, fish farm vessels and any kind of multipurpose tug. The use of a towing pin system is mandatory for anchor handling activities with most of the classification societies, such as Bureau Veritas.

Watertight Plus system (patented)

All TUGPINS towing pins are delivered with the patented Watertight Plus system. This innovation tackles one of the most common causes of the malfunctioning of towing pins: the internal damage caused by corrosion from seawater. Our towing pin systems are 100% watertight.

As seawater cannot enter the system, our towing pins come with a number of benefits:

  • lower maintenance requirements and costs;
  • longer average lifespan;
  • higher level of sustainability than comparable systems on the market, since the TUGPINS systems use light biodegradable oil, instead of traditional grease or lubricants.

Bespoke towing pin systems

All our towing pin systems are custom-made to fit your specific needs. We can deliver systems with a maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) ranging from 5 MT up to 100 MT. They are therefore well suited for the offshore and maritime industry, as well as the fishing industry. By opting for a system that is designed to fully meet your requirements, whether it concerns a newly built vessel or a refit project, you will save valuable space below deck and reduce investment costs. Moreover, our lighter systems will improve your vessel’s fuel economy. We can supply any conceivable configuration, including any number of towing pins, stoppers and shark jaws, and even complete systems that come with a hydraulic power unit and control panels for the wheelhouse and/or on deck.

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