TUGPINS towing pins, shark jaws and stoppers are ideal for the fishing industry


In the aquaculture (fish farming) industry, increasingly stringent safety requirements for towing have raised the demand for better deck equipment. But as most systems on the market are actually too large to meet the requirements of the aquaculture industry, many companies have had to opt for less than ideal solutions.

Bespoke towing systems for the aquaculture industry

Until now that is. TUGPINS designs, engineers and delivers towing pins, stoppers and shark jaws for towing and anchor handling and we offer bespoke solutions for the aquaculture sector. All our towing pin systems are made to our clients’ specific requirements. We can deliver towing pin systems starting at a maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) of 5 MT and our shark jaws starting at a maximum SWL of 25 MT.

By opting for a towing system that is designed to fully meet your requirements, you will profit from a number of benefits:

  • optimal use of space below deck
  • lower investment costs
  • better fuel efficiency of the vessel.

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