TUGPINS towing pins, shark jaws and stoppers are ideal for the maritime and offshore industry

Offshore and maritime industry

Time is money, also in the maritime and offshore industry. At TUGPINS we understand that defective towing or anchor handling equipment can turn a profitable project into a costly, not to mention unsafe, operation. That is why we constantly seek ways to make our bespoke towing pins, stoppers and shark jaws even more reliable and safe.

Reliable towing pins for the offshore and maritime industry

Our patented Watertight Plus system is one example of how we have increased the reliability of towing pins and stoppers. This innovation tackles one of the most common causes of their malfunctioning: the internal damage caused by corrosion from seawater.

As the system prevents the influx of seawater, our guide pins and stoppers are more reliable and require less maintenance than comparable systems on the market. As a result, they are ideally suited for the maritime and offshore sector. TUGPINS towing pins and stoppers are also more sustainable, because they use a light, biodegradable oil instead of traditional grease or lubricants.

Minimizing downtime through modular design

TUGPINS’ unique shark jaw design also minimizes downtime. Instead of being welded into the deck, our shark jaw systems consist of two separate parts: the box frame and the actual shark jaw mechanism. The shark jaws themselves can easily be removed from the box frame. This ensures optimum access for maintenance and/or replacement. If the same system is used on a number of vessels in a fleet, it can even be interchanged or one can simply be replaced by a spare, which is particularly handy when working in remote locations.

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