TUGPINS’ modular shark jaws ensure optimum access for maintenance.

Shark Jaws

TUGPINS designs, engineers and produces bespoke shark jaws for tugboats, fishing boats and multipurpose vessels. Our shark jaws stand out in terms of quality, user-friendliness and easy maintenance in order to guarantee maximum uptime and profitability of your vessel.

Shark jaws are used to secure a towing cable or anchor chain and they are a vital part of the deck equipment of tugboats, work boats, fish farm vessels and multipurpose vessels. They are usually combined with towing pins to stop a wire or chain from sweeping across deck. Just like our towing pins, our shark jaws can be hydraulically retracted flush deck to maximize workspace efficiency. Our shark jaws are treated with a seawater-resistant coating and come with interchangeable inserts of hardened steel to ensure minimal wear and corrosion.

Modular shark jaw design

What makes TUGPINS’ shark jaw design really unique though, is that our systems are modular. Instead of being welded into the deck, TUGPINS’ shark jaw systems consist of two separate parts: the box frame and the actual shark jaw mechanism. The shark jaws themselves can easily be removed from the box frame. This ensures optimum access for maintenance and/or replacement. If the same system is used on a number of vessels in a fleet, they can even be interchanged or one can simply be replaced by a spare. This reduces maintenance costs and guarantees a vessel’s uptime.

Bespoke systems

TUGPINS offers bespoke systems. We supply the offshore and maritime industry as well as the fishing industry with shark jaws for both new-construction projects and refit projects. The maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) of our products ranges from 25 MT up to 100 MT. We can deliver any desired configuration, including towing pins (with the patented Watertight Plus system), a hydraulic power unit, an automatic lubrication system and remote-control panels.

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