When opting for TUGPINS you get the best service.

Spares, maintenance and repairs

When opting for TUGPINS towing pins, shark jaws and stopper systems you not only opt for the best products on the market – you also get the best service. TUGPINS stands for short delivery times of new systems, high-quality maintenance and repair services, off-the-shelf spare parts and expert technical support.

Maintenance, overhauling and repairs

At TUGPINS we believe that the towing sector should be able to rely on swift and professional service. As all of our products are designed and assembled in our own workshop, we know every bolt and weld on your towing pins, shark jaws and stoppers. We can therefore provide you with a full range of maintenance, overhauling and repair services to make your anchor handling and towing equipment as good as new again.

Our workshop is conveniently located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, right in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam. Here we assemble all our new systems, and the workshop is fully equipped to deal with even the most difficult challenges when it comes to repairs.

Off-the-shelf spare parts

TUGPINS has spare parts in stock, so we can get you back to towing in no time!


Our technical staff is available anytime for advice and assistance.

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