TUGPINS is taking stopper and towing pin design to the next level with a 100% watertight solution.


TUGPINS specializes in the engineering, design and production of bespoke forks and towing pin systems. By opting for TUGPINS anchor chain handling and towing equipment, you opt for maximum safety and operational efficiency!

A fork is used to temporarily secure a towing cable or an anchor chain. Just like our towing pins and shark jaws, these forks are retractable. When not in use, the equipment is lowered flush deck in order to make optimal use of the available workspace. A fork is mostly used on tugboats, workboats and multipurpose vessels in the maritime and offshore industry.

Watertight Plus system (patented)

TUGPINS is taking fork and towing pin design to the next level with a 100% watertight solution. Our innovative and patented Watertight Plus system tackles the number one cause of the malfunctioning of towing pins and fork operations: corrosion caused by seawater.

As seawater cannot enter the system, our towing pins come with a number of benefits:

  • lower maintenance requirements and costs;
  • longer average lifespan;
  • higher level of sustainability than comparable systems on the market, since the TUGPINS systems use light biodegradable oil, instead of traditional grease or lubricants.

Bespoke forks

All our forks are custom made with a maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) ranging from 25 MT up to 100 MT. We can supply stoppers as part of any conceivable configuration, including any number of towing pins, and even complete systems that come with a hydraulic power unit and control panel(s) for the wheelhouse and/or on deck.

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